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Standard Shell & Tube - Pipeline Aftercooler

The API Heat Transfer PLAC (Pipeline Aftercooler) and its companion separator provide an ideal combination to remove moisture and oil from compressed air streams. The tubes are effectively arranged to maximize heat transfer and reduce water usage and are readily accessible for periodic cleaning of maintenance. The companion moisture separator has a cast iron construction and is designed to provide maximum efficiency in removing virtually all particulate matter over the entire operating range. The standard PLAC features a pull-through tube bundle with either 3/8" or 5/8" tubes. Fabricated according to ASME standard, they are designed to operate at 150 PSI. PLAC models are available for use up to 300 PSI.

Sizes: 3" to 16" diameter; 6' to 10' 10-1/4" length
Airtech FinSep Technology
Shells: Carbon Steel
Tubes: 3/8" or 5/8" diameter tubes available
Copper and Admiralty
Straight tube configuration
Baffles: Precision punched Carbon Steel or Brass
Heads: Not applicable.
Flow: Available in 1-pass designs only
Codes: ASME


Basco PLAC details

Removable tube bundle Simplifies cleaning of both tubes and shell sides, and reduces future maintenance costs.
Double packed flating tubesheet with O-Rings Allows for proper thermal expansion caused by temperature differences.
Tell-tale holes Allows easy visual detection of leaks
Shell Sizes from 6" to 16" without spools - separator bolts direct to unit. Meets virtually all in-line aftercooler requirements & conserves on space.
Standard pressures are 75 to 150 PSI,
although higher pressures are available

Standard design meets the majority of material & code requirements.