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Schmidt all-welded Plate Heat Exchanger

SIGMAWIG Wärmeübertrager  

SIGMASHELL plate&shell heat exchangers

SIGMAWIG plate heat exchangers are available in different sizes.
The fact that the units are welded without filler metals, gives them a benefit regarding corrosion resistance.
Available plate materials beside the standard stainless steel qualities AISI 904L and titanium are available as well. The design of the gasket free SIGMAWIG welded heat exchanger broadens the classic range of operations for plate heat exchangers regarding operational safety, operational pressure, temperatures, leak-tightness and durability.


The new Series of SIGMASHELL shell & plate heat exchangers additionally enhances the field of application for plate heat exchangers.
The completely gasketless welded SIGMASHELL heat exchangers are designed especially for heat transfer processes in the chemical and petrochemical industry,
the pharmaceutical industry, oil- and natural gas production, pulp and paper industries, steel mills and power generation.

SIGMAWIG Series: ST 3 - ST 12/18 - ST 30/40   SIGMASHELL shell & plate heat exchangers