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SIGMATWIN Double-Wall Plates


We designed the SIGMATWIN double-wall plate to achieve the specific demands for a heat exchanger plate as a safety plate.

Construction and functional concept

  • Instead of a single SIGMA plate we apply a SIGMATWIN plate pair, which has been moulded together and put into each other.

  • The sealing of the gap is realised with flat ring gaskets only in the section of the four holes.

  • This prevents a contamination of the two fluids / products which are engaged in the heat exchange process in the event of a leakage. A leakage escapes into the gap between the two plates and can be seen during an inspection.

  • SIGMA plate heat exchangers equipped with SIGMATWIN double-wall plates can be opened like standard plate heat exchangers for inspection, or maintenenance purposes. The gaps of the double-wall plate can be revised as well.