API Heat Transfer



API Schmidt-Bretten
GmbH Co. KG
Langenmorgen 4
75015 Bretten

(P) +49 (0) 72 52/53-0
(F) +49 (0) 72 52/53-200


Site information

How to find us !

Whether you arrive by rail, or road:
API Schmidt-Bretten - located on route B 293 - can be easily reached, located in the new industrial area Bretten-Gölshausen.

The federal roads
B 35 (Germersheim – Bruchsal – Stuttgart),
B 293 (Karlsruhe – Bretten – Heilbronn) and
B 294 (Bretten – Pforzheim – Freiburg)
all intersect in Bretten.

Only a few kilometers away are the accesses to the highways
A 5 (towards the airport Frankfurt/M.) and
A 8 (towards the airport Stuttgart).

If you don‘t want to use the car, API Schmidt-Bretten can be easily and comfortably reached by public transport. (Use S 4 from Karlsruhe central station to Heilbronn - train stop „Gölshausen Industriegebiet").

The easy access to our facilities is also shown on the adjoining plan.

We look forward to seeing you!

So you find us in Bretten-Gölshausen

Details of the industrial estate "Industriegebiet Süd" in Bretten-Gölshausen

This plan is available as a pdf-file.