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Air Cooled Heat Exchangers


The product portfolio includes: oilcoolers, aftercoolers as well as combination oil / aftercoolers for the compressor industry. Oil coolers and charge air coolers used in agricultural and construction equipment, truck engines, buses and other large enginges.
Our spectrum is unlimited. We dispose of knowledge and experience to find the optimal solution for your special demand.

If you have a preliminary design for your application, then we can develope it for you. While the maximum size of the heat exchange block, without the manifolds and points of connection, for thermal solutions which require a larger system a series of parallel units can be set up.

What ever you need API Heat Transfer has the possibility, the experience and the flexibility to react quickly with simultaneous consideration of your financial scope.

API Heat Transfer is brand leader in development and design of aircooled aluminium heat exchangers in variety industries both air-air and air-liquid application. You name your heat exchanger spezifications, and we show you how to reach a significant advantage for your product or your process by the help of heat exchangers. Our vacuum brazed aluminium cooler in lightweight design are rugged and warrant a failure-free operating also with most difficult operating conditions.
Our innovative developements are the base for increasing heat exchange efficiency and decreasing operating costs your products in a wide user spectrum:

  • Compressed air - after cooler
  • Lube oil cooling
  • Cooling of hydraulic oil
  • Bearing oil cooling
  • Charge air cooler
  • Motor-intercooler
  • Compactor outflow cooling
  • Machinery oil cooling
  • Compactor intercooler
  • Casing coat cooling
  • Diesel fuel preheating

For complete information on one of these products, please contact an API Heat Transfer Sales Engineer directly, click here and ask for an in-person or online presentation.