Food and beverage heat transfer solutions.

API Heat Transfer has been performing for the food and beverage industry since 1879. Today, we’re fully equipped to handle even the most complex sanitary processes for a wide range of food and beverage applications, including brewing, dairy, edible oils, food ingredients, and sugars and starches.

Our areas of expertise.

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Our plate heat exchangers and thermal systems meet sanitary and increased heat requirements for safe application in all beverage industries. Our SIGMA plate heat exchangers are ideal for pasteurization processes for the aseptic cold filling of fruit juices, carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, concentrates, and syrups. And they ensure optimal heat transfer with low pressure losses, helping to reduce operating costs.

  • Cooling and heating pureed food
  • Cooling, heating and brief heating of clear and cloudy fruit juices, vegetable juices, soft drinks, mixed drinks, isotonic drinks, carbonated and non-carbonated drinks and syrups
  • Hot water preparation
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The plate heat exchanger has been used in breweries ever since the closed wort routing cooler, a successor to the surface irrigation cooler, was first introduced. Today, our plate heat exchangers based on our SIGMA plate and thermal systems technology go beyond wort cooling – they’re also used to conduct exhaust vapor condensation, cool yeast, deep-cool beer, heat CIP solutions, and perform other thermal processes.

We also offer state-of-the-art beer dealcoholization systems with capacities from 3 to 100 hl/h using vacuum rectification technology with options for integrated and separate aroma recovery, inlet beer dosing, brewing water dosing, and a standalone CIP unit. As a technical and market leader, we can provide a process to decrease alcohol content to as low as 0.0% ABV.

  • CIP heating
  • Condensation of the vapor water
  • Cooling and heating of the wort
  • Condensate cooling
  • Cooling the yeast
  • Dealcoholization plants
  • Freezing and pasteurizing beer
  • Evaporation systems for yeast, malt extract and wort
  • Flash cooler
  • Hot water boiler
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Food ingredients

More than any other consumer industry, the processing of food bases and ingredients demands a total commitment to purity and hygiene. Whether the application is the short-term heating of gelatin or the cooling of liquid yeast, our plate equipment has a proven track record for superior performance to ensure safe processing of liquid sponge, bases for soups and sauces, and flavors and stabilizers for meats, snacks, and frozen food.

  • CIP heating
  • Cooling of yeast seasonings
  • Cooling, heating and pasteurizing ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, margarine, margarine emulsion and soy milk
  • Desulfurization of beverages (juices, wine)
  • Evaporation systems for gelatin, herbal extracts, tea, coffee and protein
  • Evaporation plants for soy sauce, tuna sauce and orange peel extract
  • Hot water preparation
  • Short- term heating of raw materials
  • Brief heating of gelatin
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Our heat transfer solutions have long played a role in pasteurization, beginning with our Schmidt brand, which pioneered the use of plate heat exchangers for achieving greater stability in milk. Today, our plate heat exchangers and thermal systems are used for a whole series of heating, cooling, and heat exchange procedures in the dairy industry, including the processing of liquids and creams.

  • CIP heating
  • Cooling brine
  • Cooling, heating and pasteurizing cheese, whey, pudding, buttermilk, kefir, and sour milk
  • Cooling, heating and pasteurizing milk, yogurt, desserts, cream and variations of ice cream
  • Hot water boiler
  • Ultra high heating of cream
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Edible oils

Our SIGMA plate heat exchangers offer significant benefits for the edible oil industry, as they can be used at high temperatures up to 430°F (220°C). Our all-welded SIGMAWIG plate heat exchangers are perfect for more demanding applications, raising the temperature limit to 570°F (300°C).

Our asbestos-free, compressed fiber gaskets, coupled with a unique design of the gasket area in the plate, ensure long-term process safety in these high-temperature applications. For medium-temperature applications, we offer elastomeric gaskets, which can also be supplied in an adhesive-free fixing design.

Due to their mild handling process and relatively small size, our plate heat exchangers are a highly efficient solution for processing edible oils.

  • Cooling and heating of edible oils
  • Cooling of fatty acids
  • Heat recovery in the refining process
  • Wintering of edible oils
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Sugars and starches

Sugars and starches are integral to the preparation of countless food items, including cookies, chocolate bars, confectionery, sauces, soft drinks, ice cream, fruit syrups, jams, baked goods, yogurt, and baby food. Our high-performance SIGMA plate heat exchangers, SIGMATHERM plate pasteurizers, and SIGMASTAR and SIGMAVAP plate evaporators continue to play a vital role in this important aspect of the food industry.

  • Heat recovery from molasses and mash
  • Heating and cooling of syrup and molasses
  • Heating, concentrating and cooling of sugar juice and sugar derivatives
  • Multi-stage concentration systems for cane and beet sugar, invert sugar and Palatinit (a sugar substitute for diabetics)
  • Multi-stage concentration systems for fructose and insulin solutions
  • Preheating and pasteurizing of diluted juices
  • Condensation of flash steam
  • Heating and cooling of corn steep water and wheat starch – wastewater
  • Heating and cooling of starch solutions
  • High concentration of fructose, starch, washing and cooking water for potatoes, rice and wheat
  • Multi-stage evaporation systems for glucose, dextrose, maltose and sorbitol
  • Pre-cooling and freezing of syrups and concentrates
  • Overheating of scarified starch solutions to inactivate enzymes