Schmidt is founded in Bretten, Germany as a pioneer in the heat transfer industry
Coventry Radiator (later becomes Covrad Heat Transfer) is founded in Coventry, UK
Serck Radiators Ltd. (later becomes Serck Heat Transfer) is founded in Birmingham, UK
American Precision Industries is founded in Buffalo, NY, USA
American Precision Industries is founded in Buffalo, NY, USA
American Precision Industries acquires Basco to form what is now API Heat Transfer
Thermal Transfer Products is founded in Racine, WI, USA
Thermal Components, Inc. is founded in Montgomery, AL, USA
General ThermoDynamics (later acquired by Thermal Components) is incorporated in Franklin, WI, USA
Thermal Components is acquired by ThermaSys Corporation
ARUP (tubing manufacturer) is founded in Dortmund, Germany
API Heat Transfer opens the Airtech facility in Arcade, NY, USA
ThermaSys acquires ARUP
API Heat Transfer acquires Schmidt
ThermaSys acquires Thermal Transfer Products
API Heat Transfer enters Asia-Pacific with a manufacturing center in Suzhou, China
The Suzhou facility doubles in size and begins manufacturing all product lines
The Buffalo facility expands and adds additional manufacturing capability
ThermaSys acquires the Covrad and Serck Heat Transfer companies
A second manufacturing facility opens in Suzhou, China
A second Airtech facility opens in Arcade, NY, USA
API Heat Transfer and ThermaSys Corporation merge
A third manufacturing facility opens in Suzhou, China
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Storied History:

API Heat Transfer

API Heat Transfer is one of the largest full service producers of industrial heat exchangers and heat transfer systems in the world. Today API Heat Transfer operates from modern manufacturing facilities located in the United States, England, Germany and China, and provides local sales and service to customers through our global sales network.

API Heat Transfer markets a family of heat transfer products well respected in the industry for their innovative design, exceptional performance and reliable service.

The combination of more than 140 years of experience and the sale of >100 000 plate heat exchangers has made API Schmidt-Bretten one of the most competent, efficient partners in the heat exchange industry. A large selection of designs of SIGMA plate heat exchanger plates are available with different surface areas, corrugations, plate materials, plate thicknesses and gasket materials for all applications.. With groundbreaking plate heat exchangers, plate evaporators and thermal systems, the family of SIGMA products meets the demand of virtually all market segments in an excellent way.

The API Shell & Tube Group provides the complete range of customized shell and tube heat exchangers according to TEMA standards. In addition a series of standard types are available with extremely short lead times. API Heat Transfer provides solutions sizeable from 3″ up to 144″ diameter in various materials, constructions and pressure classes.

The API Air Cooled Group offers rugged and diverse all aluminum vacuum brazed, bar and plate construction to meet the most difficult applications while maximizing the thermal, strength and cost advantages of aluminum. API Heat Transfer engineers and manufactures cost effective cooling solutions for engine oil, hydraulic oil, compressed air, charge air, transmission oil, fuel, radiators and air dryers for OEM’s in Industrial, Military and Mobile Vehicle markets.

API Schmidt-Bretten

Everything started in the year 1879 with the patented invention of a novel, round sprinking cooler, working in counter current flow for the diary industry by the company founder Wilhelm Schmidt.

In the beginning, production started with two workes in a small workshop in the village Flehingen. The workmanship grew quickly up to 40 men. So the company relocated to the nearby town of Bretten in 1884. But this factory site also came to it’s limit. New bigger buildings where set up at a new site, where in 1929 the 50th anniversary of the company could be celebrated.

Already in 1932 the first plate heat exchanger has been built. After the turmoil of world war II, the enhancement of this kind of heat exchanger started. So the first plate heat exchanger of the SIGMA series came into being in 1948.

This was the cornerstone of the actual product range. The continuously growing know how in development and production of heat exchangers lead to more and more products and areas of application. It was the food processing industry, taking the center stage at the first years. In the meantime, Schmidt produces diversified products for all industrial sectors including extensive thermal processing plants.

The contiuous further development lead to changes in the legal form of the company. In 1988 the Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG assumed the ownership of the privatly held company. Less than a decade later, an US leader in heat transfer, American Precision Industries (API), based in Buffalo, N.Y. took over Schmidt-Bretten. So API strategically enhanced its range of aircoolers and shell and tube heat exchangers by the plate and frame technology of Schmidt-Bretten.

Now, as part of API Heat Transfer Inc we successfully cover the complete range of products in the area of heat transfer.

The latest relocation of Schmidt-Bretten into new factory buildings in Bretten in 2003 was another step ahead. Resulting in more space for an optimized production flow and enhancement of production capacities.

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