A process built to perform.

How we perform from day one of a project ultimately dictates how our heat exchangers perform for our customers out in the field. That’s why every step of our process is held to the industry’s highest level of quality – from expert design and skillful manufacturing to rigorous testing and follow-up service. In fact, our standards are even higher. It’s your business and our name on the line, so you can count on it.

It just makes sense to involve you, our customer, in the process at critical intervals along the way. This not only produces efficiency and strong relationships, but optimal results as well.


Whatever your needs may be, we work hard to find the best heat transfer system to meet and exceed them. After reviewing your specifications, members of our engineering team – which is more than 200 strong, worldwide – get to work directly with your team. This gives us a better sense of your business, project specs, and goals. And it gives you a greater sense of ownership. That’s a win-win.

We bring a level of engineering expertise to each project that’s second to none in the industry. But we’re also experts in your industry. Our deep level of knowledge in your field is what truly sets API Heat Transfer apart. And it ultimately leads to the best-performing heat exchangers for your application – which means peace of mind for you.


Following design, our highly trained workforce breathes life into your heat exchanger. Industry-leading technology and manufacturing processes are applied to every project we undertake – as is our unwavering commitment to quality. Which is why steps are taken at every stage to ensure critical milestones are properly being met – from drawing reviews to incoming materials to final product assembly. You should expect nothing less. We certainly don’t.


What’s possible? That’s what our Product Development team asks at every turn. This approach guarantees we’re bringing to market only the most innovative and thermally efficient products. And at our state-of-the-art test and validation facilities, improvements are continually made to optimize efficiencies. The result? A product that’s performing to its highest potential. And the constant evolution of heat transfer technologies – brought to you by the leaders in the heat transfer industry.


API Heat Transfer also offers a growing line of Aftermarket Parts & Service to ensure your heat transfer equipment is always performing at its peak. This includes parts and complete replacement units for Ametek, Basco, Ketema, and Whitlock shell and tube exchangers, as well as Schmidt plate and frame. We’ll also perform an on-site evaluation of your equipment. We’ll clean, test, and troubleshoot, and install new parts. Tell us what you need and we’re there.

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