API delivers on a critical order

In December of 2020, API Heat Transfer, headquartered in Buffalo, New York, received an order for two heat exchangers from a pharmaceutical company in Europe. The specification listed the application as a process cooler (batch heating) to produce both chilled water and cooling water with the requirement of a low-pressure drop of <0.05 bar.

Peter Vogel, sales director of API in Bretten, Germany, recommended two SIGMA M18 plate-and-frame heat exchangers to meet the company’s needs, especially the required low-pressure drop on both sides of maximum 50 mbar. The proven technology of the SIGMA M18 features a unique corrugation pattern pressed onto each plate to produce the highest overall heat transfer rate and excellent fluid distribution across the entire surface. API also recommended a feather package (spring packages) for the batch heating.

In the final phase of the negotiations, API learned that both units would be used to help stop the spread of a highly contagious virus.

Since it was December, the timeline was estimated at five weeks to account for the Christmas holidays and a two-week plant shutdown.

After receiving the order, everyone from the operations director to the manufacturing line knew it was the highest priority.

In order to fast track the production and delivery of the equipment, API employees in the company’s Bretten facility worked overtime, on weekends, and through Christmas to deliver the process coolers in three weeks instead of five.

According to Mr. Vogel, it was a team effort and an excellent example of streamlined workflow from the initial request to the final shipment.

The customer agreed that API was the right partner, able to deliver high-performance equipment in record time.

Today, more than 500 API SIGMA M18 plate heat exchangers are operating worldwide in a broad range of industries.

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